Dragonfly is calling us to be love.

Dragonfly is saying we can heal the polarities with our own Divine union.

Dragonfly is beckoning us to step into the light and let our true colors shine.

Dragonfly is reminding us to see beyond our illusions, to be present in the now.

Dragonfly is telling us to let go of the past and embrace change.

Dragonfly is asking us to rise above the muddy waters and bloom into beauty.

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Shared Stories

My son passed away 2 weeks ago today at the age of 21…I found your website and have learned a deeper understanding of these mystical creatures. I have been reading and I think my son is trying to communicate with me. I truly think he is tying to make me aware of the spirit and to look inside myself. For a deeper understanding. I am trying and know I in time will open my mind and soul to a deeper connection…How I know my son has directed me is that on the page where you have dragonfly symbolism, the date that it was created was his birthday. June 18.
I came across your website searching for the meaning of a red dragonfly. I have been visited by dragonflies before, but never stopping to realize why they were there…Today I am working through the loss of my husband. It will be one year and I am grieving… I walked up the stone steps and there on the rose bush sitting on one single red rose bud was the red dragonfly. I knew then that the message must be of love…. and then I knew that my husband’s love would always be with me…Thank you for your beautiful and powerful site. Prayers to all.
After reading all of these interesting stories, I realized that the dragonfly has had a great impact in my life…I never put it all together until now after reading all of these stories and what the dragonfly symbolizes. I needed change in my life. The dragonfly came to me that day in the backyard…I left my husband, got the tattoo, showed maturity, power. Now we are back together. He no longer controls me and we live in peace.
I feel that some positive force speaks to me through each dragonfly visit. I have seen them as I am going to have surgery, or going to many a doctor’s visit. Finding this site to help me understand the meaning of this has been very emotional, and I want to say, thank you. Going through this life changing journey was made more tolerable by the lovely visits by my new spirit guide, the dragonfly.
In September 2000 my husband passed away very suddenly…Couldn’t make myself go outside and sit by the pond. That was the last place I wanted to be because it reminded me so much of my wonderful husband and all the time we had spent together there. One day in mid-March I decided to venture to the pond/stream. I had been sitting there for about 20 minutes when a red dragonfly landed on my hand. From that moment on I knew I’d be okay and that my husband was sending me a message to go on with my life, that good changes were about to happen and I’d be happy.
blue dragonfly

Riding The New Wave Of Change

Whether we are aware of it or not, we are all riding the new wave of change. This wave does not come without the impact of tremendous change upon and within our whole body and being. I have been experiencing totally new symptoms in my life since July, most of which I could not understand […]

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blue dragonfly

The Positive Timeline Transformation

On December 21, 2012 our planet Earth and the sun aligned with the center of the galactic core, a phenomenon that occurs every 25,772 years. There are some astronomers who debunk this alignment included the sun, or that anything special happened since the Earth occasionally passes by the galactic core. However, the planet Venus also […]

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blue dragonfly

The New Age Of Perception Correction

Many of us have come to understand that we create our own reality, and this reality is unique to every individual based upon each person’s perception. In other words, whatever thoughts we entertain in the mind manifest into our external world as what is real for us. As sensory beings, we are constantly collecting data […]

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shadow dragonfly

Healing The Ancestral Shadows

It seems each new day on our planet reveals both more hidden agendas by the powers that be and more confusion for the people. I find that the Gene keys are becoming an increasingly vital tool with which to navigate these times of uncertainty. For in them we see the clear presence of both individual […]

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cruiser dragonfly

Welcome The Year Of The Dragonfly

A dear friend just shared this beautiful article with me. It seems there are many others who are feeling the dragonfly’s messages, energy and medicine. I am excited to welcome the Year of the Dragonfly as our guide into this New Year 2015. Humanity needs some magical illumination and imagination to help us overcome the […]

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buddha message

The Buddha Dragonfly Message

I recently moved to Vero Beach, Florida into a wonderful, light filled house nestled in a jungle setting with a five minute walk to the beach. I have landed in a little piece of paradise after weeks of packing, weeding, sorting, hauling, organizing and an endless design with “stuff”. All of these dealings with my […]

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dragonfly awakening

Transformation Through The River Of Tears

Remember how often you cried as a child? Maybe not, since most adults have left their childish ways far behind which, unfortunately, includes crying about things that hurt. I am not implying as adults now we should still be shedding tears every time we fall down, bump our head or someone bullies us, but I […]

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brown and silver dragonfly

Spiritual Growth From Energy In Motion

For most of my life, I have been committed to understanding and consciously participating in my spiritual growth. I embarked on the road less traveled in my thirties after reading Scott Peck’s book about this less traveled road, and shortly afterwards, traveled to Galisteo, New Mexico to study at The Light Institute with Chris Criscom. […]

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silver dragonfly

Time To Transcend The Shadow

One could surmise that the entire purpose of both humanity’s past and current presence on this Earth is to afford us the time to transcend the shadow. It is also involves both a process of involution and evolution. Our evolution is consistent in our understanding that everything around us is energy in a constant state […]

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golden dragonfly

The Fibonacci Dragonfly Dream

The Fibonacci sequence correlates to a golden ratio which describes the predictable growth in living things as well as the behavior of many natural systems. The formula for this arrangement presents us with a refined simplicity while simultaneously revealing a world of complex and abstract thoughtful creativity. This simple sequence begins with the number one […]

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